Accounts is a representation of a logical or phyical endpoint into the @voice platform. Once an Account has been created, you will be able to add one or multiple endpoints for the Account to connect to the service.

To create a new Account:-

  • Login to the @voice portal -
  • On the side menu bar, select on 'Accounts' and click on 'Add Account'

Account - This is the Account or Customer Name. Please ensure that you enter a full name as this information will be used for any porting request. If this name is not correct, the port may be rejected and a port rejection fee may be charged.

Nickname - A short name for the Account. This must be a unique entry.

Service Plan - Select a service plan that you would like to allocate for this Account

Available Channel - The number of channels available for the selected Service Plan. You can always add additional channels once the Account has been created successfully.

Dial Format - This is the dial format expected from the Account. A choice of either E.164 format (eg. 61212345678) or Domestic format (eg. 0212345678).

Domestic Only - By toggling this button On, the account will only be able to make domestic calls. All international calls will be blocked. Leaving the toggle to Off would mean that the Account will be able to make both domestic and international calls.

Enable CLI Masking - If the toggle is turned on, the Account's CLI will be stripped and will appear as a Private Number

Enable Call Forwarding - If the toggle is turned on, Call Forwarding can be configured for this Account. 

Block Account - Toggle switch to block or unblock an Account.

*Enable Voicemail - If the toggle is turned on, Voicemail can be setup for this Account. An additional set of settings can be configured. The email field is the email the platform will send the voicemail recording to. The Pin field is the Pin required when accessing the voicemail from a SIP Client (by dialling *98)

The Advanced Settings option will provide you with a few more additional settings for the Account:

*Media Relay - Please refer to this article here.

CLI Translation - This is used to convert or translate the Account's CLI when a call is made. More information can be found here.

CLD Translation - This is used to convert or translate the Account's outbound number when a call is made. More information can be found here.

Max Session Time - The maximum call duration in miliseconds before a call is automatically disconnected. The default is 3600ms, which is 60 minutes.

*Generate Ringback Tone - Please refer this article here.

*Features marked with an "*" is not available for Accounts created with a Microsoft Teams Service Plan.