@voice can support various translation rules when it comes to CLI and CLD. This is a convinent feature if your existing switch does not support it. Generally, it does as advertised where you can convert a CLD (calling number) from +13379987654 to go out as 13379987654 (the prefix “+” was removed in this instance). 

Translation Rules are specified either as a replacement numbers or as a set of regular expressions with Python syntax in the following two forms: 

  • s/<match what>/<replace with>/ 

  • s/<match what><replace with>/g 

The former will match/replace a single matched occurrence or pattern, while the former – all of them. Several expressions may be used in one translation rule; in this case they need to be separated by semicolon (“;”).

There are several “special” symbols in <match what> which allows to define matching rules, for example ^ matches beginning of the string, while $ - its end, so that for example ^1 will only match 1 as the first character of the string, while 9$ will only match 9 as a last character. 

For example the following translation rule can be used to strip leading 0011 prefix from the number: 

  • s/^0011// 

The following translation rule will add 53872# prefix: 

  • s/^/53872#/ 

While the next rule will result in the number replaced with 123456 in all cases unconditionally. 

  • 123456 

Translate all non 10 digits CLIs into the new one, and bypass the CLIs with another length 

  • s/^.{0,9}$/0123456789/ 

Exclude + from the front of the number 

  • s/^[+]// 

Add 1 to any sequence of 10 symbols: 

  • s/^(.{10})$/1\1/ 

Check if number contains the "space" OR "-" (dash) OR "." (dot) and replace all with "block": 

  • s/^.*([ ]|\-|\.).*$/block/ 

Indicate space in number and remove it: 

  • 's/[ ]//' 

To setup your translation rule for Australian domestic dialling, you can use the below: 

  • 's/^[13]{2}(?=[0-9]{8}$)/6113/; s/^[13]{2}(?=[0-9]{4}$)/6113/;s/^0{1}(?=[0-9]{9}$)/61/;s/^[18]{2}(?=[0-9]{8}$)/6118/'

For more details on Python regular expressions syntax please check the following link: