The Call Forwarding feature allows accounts to redirect incoming calls to different numbers. For example, an Account can redirect incoming calls to a mobile number if the Account is not available on the primary trunk. The feature can be enabled or disabled in the Account's configuration. User can configure numbers and the Call Transfer mode from the @voice portal interface. Call Transfer calls are billed to the Account, which has configured Call Transfer. 

How to Activate the Call Forwarding Feature

When you view an Account's configuration, toggle the Enable Call Forwarding to enabled.

Click on the 'Settings' button next to the toggle. You will then be presented with the settings for the Call Forwarding. The first part is how you would like the @voice platform to handle call forwarding:-

  • Mode - Select the desired mode on how Call Forwarding will be triggered
  • Timeout, sec - If your selection is 'On Unavailable' or 'On No Answer', you can specify the amount of time (in seconds) it will try to connect to the endpoint before initiating the call forward. 

You will then need to specify the phone number that the call should be forwarded to. Click on 'New Entry':-

  • Phone Number - the phone number for the forwarding (must be in E.164 format)
  • Timeout,sec - the duration it will try the number, after which it will try the next phone number
  • Preference - the order preference in which calls be forwarded to

You can add as many phone numbers as you like, and the platform will continue to forward the calls according to your settings.

NOTE: When a call is forwarded to a number, please note that call charges will be charged based on your the Service Plan assigned to the Account.