This article is only for non Microsoft Teams 

Due to varying circumstances, you may have the need to change an Account's Service Plan. You no longer need to raise a ticket to our support team for this and you can now perform the change directly on the @voice portal. Changes to Service Plan's will happen in real time.

Impact to your billing.

When you change an Account's service plan, it is highly likely that the monthly charge for the Account will be changed. Let's say you are changing an Account from Plan A, with a monthly charge of $5 to Plan B, which is a $12 monthly charge. You are performing the change on the 15th of the month.

The first point is Plan A was charged at the beginning of the month at $5. When changing to Plan B, we will prorate the monthly charge, in this case the change was done in mid month. So the Account will be charged a prorated sum of $6. The initial charge for Plan A (of $5) will not be refunded and charged in full. So the total charges for the Account will be $11 ($5 from Plan A + $6 from Plan B).

When the new month rolls over, the Account will only be charged for Plan B - $12.

Impact to your minute plan.

If you change an Account's Service Plan that has any minutes inclusion, any unused minutes will be forfeited and the new Service Plan minute inclusion (if any) will take precedence.

Here is an example. The Account is on Plan A with a 1,000 minute inclusion. The Account has used up 600 minutes, which means there is a remainder of 400 minutes. If you change the Account's Service Plan to Plan B, which has a 2,000 minute inclusion, the Account will have 2,000 minutes in that plan. The 400 remaining minutes is Plan A does not roll over.

Impact on number of channels.

The impact on channels when performing a Service Plan change is only the number of channels that is included in the plan, and does not impact the additional channels assigned to the Account.

Here is an example. An Account has Plan A, with 5 channels included as part of the plan. You have added an additional 4 channels to the Account. Bringing the total number of channels available to the Account at 9 channels. If you switch the Account to Service Plan B, which has 2 channels included as part of the plan, the Account will have a total of 6 channels (2 channels from the Plan + 4 channels added).