You can submit a port automatically from the @oice portal. Currently, we support porting for the below number types:-

  • Geographical Numbers
  • 1300 Numbers
  • 1800 Numbers
  • Mobile Numbers

When submitting a port, you will need to select who the port is for. There are 2 options:

Own Porting

When selecting this option the company name must be your company and the numbers you are intending to port is currently being billed under your company name. The company name must be similar to the Company Name field in Company Info.

Customer Porting

When selecting this option, you can enter the company name that is currently being billed for the numbers that you are intending to port. It is also highly suggested that you submit a Porting Authority Form together with your port. For more information about Porting Authority Form, you can read this article here.

Once completing all the relevant information about the porting details, you will be able to enter the numbers you will like to port. If you are submitting more than 10 numbers for a single port, we suggest that you upload an excel file with all your numbers. You can download an excel template to help you accomplish this.

Finally, you will need to select the Account and Connection that you would like the porting numbers to land on. This is important to get it right as ports happen automatically at a specified date and time agreed between us and the losing carrier. 

Note: If the Account and/or Connection is not yet set up, you should do this before submitting a port. 

There is no specific rule as to how long a porting process may take. These revolves around various factors such as the accuracy of the information that is provided to us. Below is some guidelines on how long a port normally takes.

Number TypePort TypeNo. of Business Days
Geographical NumberCAT-A (Simple)3-5 Business Days
Geographical NumberCAT-C (Complex)14-60 Business Days
1300 / 1800 NumbersN/A3-5 Business Days
Mobile NumbersPostpaid/Prepaid1-3 Business Days