The @voice platform will pass through the CLI that you end devices passes to the platform. In the case where if you are using a SIP End Point to call out, and if you do not set your User Agent's CLI, the call will display your Account Number by default. This number generally starts with a "9990xxxxxxxxxx".

The configuration for your CLI should be done on the User Agent level. To find out more on how to configure this, you will need to refer to your device manual provided to you by the manufacturer.

However, you can use the @voice portal to help set up the CLI number for you. In the Account Settings > Advanced Settings, under the 'CLI Translation' label, you can enter the below script:


Here is an example:

Replace the 9990xxxxxxxx with your SIP Account Number and replace 0283176200 with the CLI that you want to appear


What the script does is that if the CLI for a call is 9990xxxxxxxx, it will strip it off and replace it with the new provided number.

This is will also ensure that if you have a DID landing on the SIP End Point, the caller's CLI that is calling your DID will be preserved. 

Do remember that this would mean that all calls from that SIP End Point will display the same CLI number. If you have multiple users or User Agents connected to the same SIP End Point, all calls made will have the same CLI appearing.

The only way to have different CLI's appearing for each user or User Agent, is to setup the CLI configuration on the User Agent's device.