The platform also offers a report of all the Service Charges incurred by your Account for the billing month. The report is available for download from our FTP server at the end of the billing month, which is usually the last day of the month at midnight.

To find out how to access our FTP server to download this report as well as your CDR, you can read this article here.

This report covers all charges incurred by your Account that is not call related such as number rental, porting charges, service plan charges, etc. The information that is available for this report are:-

Account Id - The Account ID that the charge is associated to

Account Company - The Account Name that the charge is associated to

SIP Account - The SIP Account that the charge is associated to

Type - The charge type

Payment Time - the date and time, as per your timezone, on when the charge occured

Desc - The description of the charge

Payment Amount - The total cost of the charge