You are able to create multiple sub users to help you manage the @voice portal. You will also be able to give them specific privileges as a user. This means that you can allow some users to access certain aspects of portal while keeping other elements away from the user.

An example here is that you can provide a user with access just the reporting tools, or your provisioning team with just the Account Management tool.

Before you create a sub user, you will first need to create at least one Access Control List (ACL). To do this, under your 'Profile' tab, click on 'ACL' and select the 'New ACL' button. You can then give it a descriptive name. You can then check the checkboxes to provide customised privileges for this specific ACL type.

Once you have created an ACL, you can now create a user by clicking on the 'Sub User' tab under your 'Profile' tab. Click on 'New Sub UserFrom the 'Access Type' dropdown, select the ACL (that was just created earlier) that you would like to assign to a user. Enter the users email, first and last name and hit Create User.

The user will then receive an email welcoming them to the portal together with their username and password. You can always edit or delete the user from the List All screen.