When you set up an account with a Microsoft Teams Service Plan, you will need to connect the users account to their Microsoft Office 365 Tenant. @voice will not be able to setup the Microsoft Office 365 Tenant and this document and other documents relating to this topic assumes that you have administrative rights to manage the users Microsoft Office 365 tenant account.

We strongly suggest that you follow the official guide provided by Microsoft for setting up items in Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365. The guidelines in this tutorial is mainly specific settings that needs to be done to get Microsoft and @voice connected. 

These guidelines are mainly a simplistic tutorial on how to get Microsoft and @voice connected. For more details, please refer to documentation provided from Microsoft.

Step 1: Creating a Microsoft Teams account in @voice

Step 2: Adding the @voice domain name

Step 3: Activating the @voice Domain

Step 4: Connecting Microsoft Teams to the @voice Platform

Step 5: Assign Users to Teams

Step 6: Create Call Routing from Microsoft Teams to the @voice Platform

Step 7: Create a Dial Plan in Microsoft Teams