To connect a Microsoft Teams tenant to the @voice platform, please follow the instructions set out by Microsoft here - while also referring back here for specific connectivity details.

Adding an SBC:

On the Microsoft Teams Admin Panel:

  1. Enter your @voice domain name that was provided from the @voice portal
  2. Turn this setting to 'On'
  3. Enter 5061. Any other port will cause the service to not work properly.
  4. Turn 'On' SIP Options
  5. Turn 'On' Forward P-Asserted-Identity (PAI) header
  6. Enter the number of channels that have been assigned. 
Repeat this step for the second domain name

If you are unable to save the SBC and receive an error saying "We can't use the "xxxxxxx" domain as it hasn't been set up in the organisation. Please try again." - means that the @voice domain has not been registered yet. Please verify that the domain has been activated. If it has, you may need to give another 30-60 minutes for Microsoft to activate the domain.

Next Step: Add Users to Teams