A Dial Plan in Microsoft Teams enables number transformation to happen between what a user is dialling and what Microsoft receives. Microsoft provides a wizard to easily setup a dial plan. Below, we will look at how to create a simple dial plan where if a user dials 0299995555, it will get translated to +61299995555, which is an E.164 format that is required.

On the Microsoft Teams Admin Panel:

  1. In the left navigation of the Microsoft Teams admin centre, go to Voice > Dial Plans, and then click on Add
  2. Type AU Dial Pattern as the name and ad a description.
  3. Under Normalization rules, click on Add
  4. Type Domestic Dialling as the Name and add a description
  5. Select Basic, and then under If all selected conditions match select The number dialled begins with and put in "0"
  6. Select The length of the number being dialled is and put in "10" and select Exactly
  7. Under Then do this, select Remove this many digits from the start of the number and put in "1"
  8. Select Add this number to the beginning and put in "+61"
  9. Under Test this rule enter "0299995555" and click on Test
  10. If it displays +61299995555, which means all is good, and click Save
  11. Add additional dial plans as required and once you are done, click on Save

You can customise this to fit the users requirement. You can create multiple normalisation rules as required under a single Dial Plan.

Once you have created a Dial Plan, you now need to assign the Dial Plan to the user. To do this:

  1. In the left navigation of Microsoft Teams admin centre, go to Users and select the user and select the Policies tab
  2. Next to Assigned policies, click on Edit
  3. Scroll down to Dial plan and select AU Dial Pattern (the one you created in the earlier step), and click Apply

You are now ready to make and receive calls using Microsoft Teams and the @voice Platform.