You can reply to received SMS directly on the @voice platform. To enable this service, you must first have an account on our sms platform. You can create an account here -

Once you have your account setup, you will first need to get hold of your Access Token. To get your Access Token, navigate to Account and look for the field called Access Token. Copy the Access Token.

Now head back over to the @voice portal and go to Profile > Settings. Paste the Access Token into the SMS Token field and save it by clicking on Update Settings.

Now, whenever an SMS is received by a mobile number on @voice, you can now reply to that SMS as it will use your SMS account to reply. You will need to have sufficient credits available in your SMS account to ensure that you can send out SMS.

To reply to an SMS, go to Reporting > Receive Sms and click on View on the SMS message you want to reply to. Now you can click on Reply and enter your message and click Send. All aspects of the sent SMS are captured on our SMS platform - this is where you can view the delivery report of all SMS sent.