Important Information About CAT-A ports

  • CAT-A ports generally take about 3-5 business days to complete.
  • For a CAT-A port to be successful, all complex services on the number must be removed prior to the submission of the port. Complex services can be services like line hunt, ISDN, etc. The number must also be an active number.
  • It is recommended that all complex services to be removed from the associated number, before a CAT-A port submission is done. If cancelling features on a number, please wait at least 2 business days before submitting a port request.
  • Common reasons why a CAT-A port is rejected are inaccurate information (such as wrong account number or service address), or because complex service(s) is associated to the number

A Typical Process of a CAT-A port

  1. Port Submission
    If the submission occurs before 3pm on a business day, the port process will begin and you will see that the status of your request as being tagged as "Request Submitted".
  2. Losing carrier to accept port out request
    This should take about 4 business days to be completed. This can be delayed if inaccurate information is provided.
  3. Cutover date is provided
    If you have specified a cutover date and time, we will try to honour that request or the next available time slot is chosen for you. The status of your request will then be tagged as "Awaiting Cutover" together with a date and time of the cutover.
  4. Port is completed
    When a port is completed, it is advised that you check the number to ensure that it has come across with no issues. A test call to the number and by cross checking the CDR's on the portal will provide you a clear indication if the number was ported correctly. There is a 4 hour window for an emergency return if an issue has occurred to keep the number active.