Important Information About CAT-C ports

CAT-C ports generally take about 14-60 days, sometimes even longer, depending on the complexity and accuracy of the information provided.
All associated numbers must be ported, even if only 1 number is wanted. The only option around this is that the number association must be broken before the port is submitted.
A CAT-C port will need to be for the same end customer name at the same address to be accepted. A CAT-C port can have more than 1 account number, although this does not happen very often.
Reject ports apply to all CAT-C ports. Even if PNV has been completed and is successful, CAT-C ports can still be rejected. This generally happens when the end customer makes changes on their end such as disassociating or associating numbers, cancelling service, etc; to the block that is being ported.

A Typical Process of a CAT-C port

  1. Port Submission
    If the submission occurs before 3pm on a business day, the port process will begin and you will see that the status of your request as being tagged as "Request Submitted".
  2. PNV Process
    The information of your port request is submitted to the losing carrier for verification. The stages of the PNV process will automatically be updated on your request. Once this process is completed, you will be able to see the tag "PNV Accepted" on your request.
  3. Cutover date is provided
    Normally the next available cutover date and time is automatically booked for you. However, if you require a specific cutover date and time, please let us know and we will try to arrange it with the losing carrier. The status of your request will then be tagged as "Awaiting Cutover" together with a date and time of the cutover.
  4. Port is completed
    When a port is completed, it is advised that you check the number to ensure that it has come across with no issues. A test call to the number and by cross checking the CDR's on the portal will provide you a clear indication if the number was ported correctly. There is a 4 hour window for an emergency return if an issue has occurred to keep the number active.