To help you with the cutover process and to ensure as little down time to the ported numbers, here is what happens when your number is ported over to the @voice platform and what you can do to ensure a smooth transition.

Numbers Management

As part of our porting process, we automatically add your ported numbers to our switch. During this process, our switch will automatically setup the numbers and setup routing to your designated Accounts SIP End Point or SIP Incoming Trunk. This automatically occurs when your request has been tagged as "Awaiting Cutover". This also helps to minimise any down time during the cutover process.


At cutover, the losing carrier will reroute all calls to the @voice platform. However, during the cutover, your numbers may go offline as the various routing tables propagate between the carriers. This process can vary from a few seconds to two hours depending on workload of the losing carrier on the day of your number port.

Connecting to @voice using a PBX/Switch/SBC

At cutover, we automatically route incoming calls to your SIP Incoming Trunk or SIP End Point. It is important that you setup the ported numbers on your equipment prior to this happening - to minimise down time.