To send an outgoing SMS, you must first login to the smszy portal and go to Send SMS.

Field Description:

Sender - You can enter your business name or a mobile number that you own. Please be aware that spoofing numbers or business name may cause your account to be suspended. This is limited to 11 characters and must be alphanumeric. Special characters are not supported.

Receiver - The person whom you would like to send the SMS to

  • Phone Number - You can manually enter a single or multiple phone numbers. 
  • Address Book - Select one or multiple address book. This will send this message to all entries within the selected address book. With this selection, you can use dynamic fields to auto populate dynamic content that is specific to an entry in your address book.
  • Upload .csv - You can upload a .csv formatted file with the phone numbers.

Type - Defaults to Plain text.

  • Plain text
  • Unicode - Support for special characters like Chinese characters

Message - The content of your message. Messages that are longer than 160 characters will automatically be concatenated and sent. A maximum of of 480 characters (which is 3 SMS's) is allowed.