An Address Book helps storing multiple contacts into a single list. Once stored, you can send an ad-hoc SMS or create a campaign that is targeted to all the contacts within your saved address book.

An Address Book also supports dynamic fields. Again these dynamic fields can be used to help build a more personalised SMS. You can create an unlimited number of address book for your various requirements.

Create a new Address Book

Once logged into the smsZy portal go to Address Book > Create New. You can then give your address book a descriptive name. You will then need to upload a .csv with all the required information. Only the Number field is mandatory. You can download a template that you can use to populate the information. The available fields are:-

Number; First Name; Last Name; Company; Custom 1; Custom 2; Custom 3; Custom 4

All phone numbers must be in E.164 format (eg. 61400011111)

Attached is the template that can be used.

To have an idea on how you can use information for a contact in an address book. You can read this article - Example Use Case.